Lehigh Valley Disability Study

Lehigh Valley Disability Study:

Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Network, headquartered in Allentown but operating in 8 eastern PA counties, commissioned the LVRC to conduct a disability needs assessment that aimed to understand how to make the Lehigh Valley more disability friendly. Working collaboratively with organizations that serve the community of persons with disabilities, their families and care givers, Good Shepherd is hopeful that its leadership of the needs assessment will serve as a spring-board for building a network of community partners. This collaboration will create and implement plans designed to successfully address unmet needs that prevent full inclusion of persons with disabilities in everyday life. The long-term economic impact of these changes could be tied to things such as increased commerce and tourism, more affordable and accessible housing, and work force development.

The Lehigh Valley Disability Study surveyed persons with disabilities and their caregivers, and key community agencies and advocates working on behalf of the disabled population. The project also included a number of community-wide focus groups. The research team was led by Lanethea Mathews-Gardner (Political Science, Muhlenberg College) and Barbara Moyer (Nursing and Health, DeSales University), and includes Sue McGorry (Business, DeSales University), Stefanie Sinno (Pscyhology, Muhlenberg College), Mary Ellen Miller (Nursing, DeSales), and Daniel Wilson (History, Muhlenberg College).

Highlights of the research findings can be read in the Executive Summary HERE

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